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MAX Meter Iron Set (L23+)

MAX Meter Iron Set (L23+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed

1,595 Cr

MAX Meter Iron Set

All-black MAX iron set with extra distance and more forgiveness, plus a slower WGT swing meter, at a good value.

Player Reviews

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
After trying this set I can't recommend it. Except a better forgiveness than the standard equipment it does nothing better than comparable irons in its class range. For the money you should expect more precision in your shots.
Thursday, 19 Dec 2013
i love these irons...i can hit right where i want to with them, and the meter speed is perfect with the max balls....still learning to know when to roll up to the hole or try to stop it on a dime ....but these are way better then my starter clubs and much easier to hit the ding with....great set buy
Wednesday, 28 Aug 2013
Rarely go as far as the yardage says and generally lack accuracy, think for money and level there are better choices.