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Pro Shop » Callaway Iron Sets » Callaway Rogue Iron Set (L97+)

Callaway Rogue Iron Set (L97+)

Callaway Rogue Iron Set (L97+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed

4,645 Cr

Callaway Rogue Iron Set

Upgrade your virtual golf bag with Callaway's best combination of distance, accuracy and playability in an iron set for high level players.

Player Reviews

Sunday, 10 Feb 2019

I was Legend when I hit lvl 97 just reached lvl 101 already Tour Champ. With 4.5 meter with right balls almost impossible not to ding every iron shot. Also had 0 ranked round hole in 1's now have 6 had 1 Double Eagle now have 7 high ball flight makes it easy to hit it close even with long irons
Thursday, 25 Oct 2018

I rented this set yesterday and played four games with them. I'm hitting more greens, and distance is very accurate. takes a few days play to get the distance tuned in. more to the point to trust the accuracy.: but its there. I'm buying these puppies.
Wednesday, 01 Aug 2018

They are worth the price, excellent buy.
Saturday, 07 Jul 2018

I don't know who designed these..but they definitely had "Dead on Balls Accurate" somewhere on the build sheet