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MAX Meter 9.5° Driver (L46+)

MAX Meter 9.5° Driver (L46+)
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Shot Shaping
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1,395 Cr

MAX Meter 9.5° Driver

All-black MAX driver with extra distance and more forgiveness, plus a slower WGT swing meter, at a good value.

Player Reviews

Sunday, 09 Feb 2020
I liked the slow meter which helped hone my skills off the tee box.Later on you will want to see what other drivers can do..for now good choice.
Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017
Very good driver, Nice slow meter. This will be a good for a long time i think. Hits 270 with ease most of time. 1005 Nice.
Thursday, 25 Feb 2016
Overall, excellent driver. Very accurate due to its forgiveness and slow swing meter. Only drawback is its lack of distance. In retrospect, I would have waited and bought the Taylormade M1 (lvl 55). Same forgiveness and swing meter, but with more precision and 20+ yards (and twice the price).
Thursday, 07 May 2015
Great club, increased average driving distance over 40 yards. Made my first eagle on the fifth hole with this driver.
Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013
My first upgrade club and very accurate it is too, but I'm finding it's distance limitations more of an issue as my game improves. I'd recommend it for Pro level but you'll be frustrated with it as I am when your skill level goes up. Has perfect meter speed with a decent ball.