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WGT Tour PLUS Full Set (L6+)

WGT Tour PLUS Full Set (L6+)
5,390 Cr

WGT Tour PLUS Full Set

The WGT Tour PLUS clubs offer new players many of the advantages of the equipment only available to experienced players. The slow meter speed and great forgiveness mean you'll be close to the target almost every time. Full Set includes driver, 3 fairway wood, 3 hybrid, and iron set.

Player Reviews

Saturday, 24 Dec 2011
It's a solid set of clubs but there are better for a better price !!!
Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011
Why oh why do these clubs cost soooo much $$$ / credits. They are definitely not worth it get the wait and get the raptures if you need the slow meter but don't waste your credits on this crap. I mean seriously you get the best clubs in this game for as much as they are asking for these.
Saturday, 11 Jun 2011
I HAVE used these clubs and they are sexy
Monday, 23 May 2011
First upgrade. Very expensive but majestic clubs. Meter speed and forgiveness unparrelled. I upgraded to 2010 Rapture's. Found that I got more lengh and spin on the ball which was a little lacking with these clubs. Almost impossible to miss a fairway...just loved them.
Monday, 18 Apr 2011
A solid set of clubs. Kinda like old reliable. Don't expect these to compete any higher than "Master" and even at that level you will struggle with the wind and distance off the tee, but they suit me just fine.To each his/her own.