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Pro Shop » Club Sets » MAX Meter Full Set (L94+)

MAX Meter Full Set (L94+)

MAX Meter Full Set (L94+)
6,495 Cr

MAX Meter Full Set

The stunning new MAX Meter full club set provides a slower WGT Swing Meter with more Distance and overall balance for top players. Includes driver, 3 wood, hybrid and iron set, with matched performance at a discounted price.

Player Reviews

Sunday, 18 Aug 2019
After several years of trying the game off and on I have finally been playing every day. Decided to try some different clubs to see if that really made any difference. OMG! Totally love this set and I've only used them for a couple of days. Love the increased distance and slower meter.
Wednesday, 04 Oct 2017
I bought this set as is, so far so good, it's a very slow meter which allows you to play a regular ball with consistent aim. It has certainly helped my accuracy, and consequently, improved my game/scoring.
Sunday, 06 Nov 2016
every thing but the driver, tried this set every time a free trial weekend came along. bought the putter first, this is the best part of the set but you need to use you mind (hint shorten stoke line ex.15' putt go to 60' putt, take line to 15' shortens putting line, easier putting) meter speed bonus
Saturday, 28 Nov 2015
After I turned out to become a master during Black Friday sale, I recently bought this club set, which is the best club set in WGT, & It turned out spectacular. There is no need to buy a ball with a slow meter. If u want to become a tour legend, this a MUST have items in your bag.
Sunday, 18 Jan 2015
i also accumulated this set in pieces. The biggest selling point for me was the fact that I can play a cheap ball and still play well due to the clubs slow meter. The down side is you can only have 2 wedges with this set and wgt does not offer 90 and 60 yrd distance wedges in the same meter speed.