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WGT Heart Vapor Balls

WGT Heart Vapor Ball
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3 Pack of Heart Vapor Balls

Show some love with the new Heart Vapor Ball. This virtual golf ball features a unique vapor trail of tiny red hearts. And since love is eternal, it goes further and lasts longer than other balls available to any player. Makes a fun gift!

Player Reviews

Sunday, 04 Jun 2017
I love playing with these cuties. They even make a kissing noise when hit. The trail of hearts was a bit distracting at first, but I would use them again and favor them over the other vapor trail balls!
Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
Got these as a gift months ago but am just now using, shame on me! These balls make me happy every time I hit them. A great gift to give anytime, but particularly with Valentine's Day coming!
Sunday, 08 May 2016
Is this present for me? I love it :))
Thursday, 10 Sep 2015
As a TL, I played this for fun and shot 7 under for 9 only because I didn't yet know what the ball could do. It proved it's more about the clubs and the player because not a world of difference on the average game with high end balls that cost twice as much. A great gift as everyone has said.
Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013
Great ball, good distance and dusability. Wish it had a bit more spin and the trail is over the top but I do love this ball, even thogh I'm a dude.