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Titleist Pro V1x Vapor Balls (L0+)

Titleist Pro V1x Vapor Ball (L0+)
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3 Pack of Titleist Pro V1x Vapor Balls

This classic name in golf is now available for the first time on WGT. Get top performance to improve your game overall with more distance, control and spin, plus the added vapor trail makes all your shots easier to track.

Player Reviews

Wednesday, 23 May 2018
Great ball!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, 05 May 2018
i drive an avg of 287 with the BX-D golf balls I got but when I used this golf ball I was driving an avg of 309 to 315 I would recommend this golf ball over any golf ball wgt has
Sunday, 29 Apr 2018
I was surprised by the distance, spin, accuracy, stopping power, smooth putting and a nice vapor trail with a slow meter. This ball costs a lot because it is, in fact, a premium ball. The best thing they did here was to make it available to all players, at least those who have the credits. Champagne
Saturday, 28 Apr 2018
I fell in love with this ball the minute I hit my first shot! Yes, they ARE a bit pricey, but the distance, spin, and control you receive by putting these balls in the bag certainly make up for it! The slower meter speed also allows for more accurate shots.