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Pro Shop » Titleist Balls » 3 Pack of Titleist Pro V1x Balls (L70+)

Titleist Pro V1x Balls (L70+)

Titleist Pro V1x Ball (L70+)
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3 Pack of Titleist Pro V1x Balls

Step your game up with the Titleist Pro V1x for more distance, spin and a slower WGT swing meter to hit better and more consistently.

Player Reviews

Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Greatest ball , on WGT!!!!
Saturday, 24 Nov 2018

this ball is similar to the old 90bb nike.. slow meter and accurate.. the slow meter helps to get more dings and at least in my game it helped me to add % to my ding rate. top
Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018

I was using many different balls from rock balls to Nike L90. I never committed to 1 ball until I found the Titleist L70. This is the most accurate ball I have ever use. Pitching, chipping and putting are Awesome. Punch shots and flops usually within inches. Great off the tee and approach shots.
Friday, 03 Aug 2018

Been looking for a 4 to 4.2 spin ball with at least 4.0 meter and 5+ distance. No one had reviewed the 70 yet so I took a chance. Solid & Stable flight, Accuracy, Pitches, & Putting for 100 less that the Titleist 90 or Zero. Combines the best of both balls. Top Performance without over-spin.