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MAX Slow Meter Vapor Balls (Tour Pro+)

MAX Slow Meter Vapor Ball (Tour Pro+)
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3 Pack of MAX Slow Meter Vapor Balls

These new MAX Slow Meter Balls offer good overall distance and spin, but with the maximum amount of Feel, which slows down the WGT Swing Meter and makes all your clubs easier to hit. Now, choose your own color vapor trail to help trace your shots!

Player Reviews

Friday, 07 Oct 2016
Intentionally gave up distance for accuracy of this ball due to ping. Can make accurate shots with long irons and even 3 wood due to the meter speed which delivers endless pings. Wind or no wind. 3 iron shot: 3 wood shot: http://
Sunday, 29 May 2016
I find this Ball excellent however they are expensive for the durability... As far as the spin goes - well using 9I or wedges you will find you can get a bit of backspin however using the longer irons inline with a dinged meter this ball will stop on a dime....
Monday, 11 Jan 2016
They should have named this ball the "Max Spin" ball. Not very much reduction in meter speed as one would think. If you are a fine tuner, like myself, then you find the spin more than advantageous. The ball plays well all around, but is not a distance ball. Not magical, but a good ball.
Sunday, 06 Sep 2015
Meter 5 really makes a difference when compared to meter 4 or 3.5 balls.
Sunday, 02 Nov 2014
Excellent Ball! Save them for Toutneys or CTTH, cuz U only get 2 to 3 rounds per ball, and they are pricey. Good for Hacks on up!