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WGT Speed-Up Boost Plus (3x)

WGT Speed-Up Boost Plus (3x)
Speed up your game by over 3 times

Speed-Up Boost Plus (3x)

The new Speed-Up Boosts will increase the speed of the ball display by over 3.0 times. The ball physics will be exactly the same, just displayed more than three times as fast, which means you can play in a lot less time. Purchase for a certain number of hits, turn on/off in the Game Menu, and your remaining hits display at the top of the game.

Player Reviews

Friday, 30 Dec 2016
great if your playing in a clash ,just dont use it when you putt ,you can do that in options
Sunday, 30 Nov 2014
These are great to use in the country club clashes. Faster rounds make for more opportunities to earn points for you club!!
Tuesday, 18 Sep 2012
where do i pay, just what i was looking for.
Monday, 03 Sep 2012
Really stupid gimmick to get your money. Only would be useul if you were doin strokeplay alone and wanted to get the game over quicker
Sunday, 05 Aug 2012
The bolt knows !