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WGT Speed-Up Boost (2x)

WGT Speed-Up Boost (2x)
Speed up your game by over 2 times

Speed-Up Boost (2x)

The new Speed-Up Boosts will increase the speed of the ball display by over 2.0 times. The ball physics will be exactly the same, just displayed twice as fast, which means you can play in a lot less time. Purchase for a certain number of hits, turn on/off in the Game Menu, and your remaining hits display at the top of the game.

Player Reviews

Sunday, 23 Dec 2018
" In aid of a faster round, and accurate shots as well, I go for the gold speed-up"....a great addition to any stroke round played.
Monday, 05 Jun 2017
Great helper!
Tuesday, 02 Dec 2014
I love it when i play alone. But playing with others i dont like it!
Monday, 03 Nov 2014
Only good for skins,match,blitz challenge when you Tee off 1st and dont want to show others the wind force etc..
Friday, 28 Mar 2014