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  • Collect Bonus Prizes with Tap-In Rewards!

    18 May 2023

    Fill up on free bonus rewards when using your WGT Credits this weekend – the more credits you use, the more you earn!

    Here’s the rundown on Tap-In Rewards:

    • Now through 5/21, anytime you use WGT Credits, you’ll fill your Tap-In Rewards progress tracker

    • As your progress tracker fills, you’ll reach new prize tiers to earn better and better rewards

    • Rewards include premium golf balls, apparel packs, XP Ultra Boost and coveted equipment like the full line of Hickory Clubs - available altogether for the first time in this promotion!

    The top reward tiers include the following:

    • Hickory Driver

    • Hickory 3 Wood

    • Hickory Irons

    • Totally Rad Orange Set

    • Hawaiian Shirt

    • Wolf Shirt

    • Deer Shirt

    • Tiger Shirt

    • Shamrock Shorts

    • Sweetheart Shorts

    • Camo Pants

    Note: These specific rewards can only be earned if not already owned.

    Earn Now

    *Tap-In Rewards run 5/18/23-5/21/23. Earn rewards for any WGT purchase on any platform, but prizes cannot be redeemed on WGT.com.

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