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  • LIVE tomorrow! WGT Live Series: August Invitational

    19 Aug 2022

    Join us for a special edition of the WGT Live Series. The August Invitational features five teams of WGT’s top players competing head to head on two different courses!

    The winners will be determined based off the teams placements across both courses!

    The lineup:

    Team 1 - The Antidote

    Team 2 - TM2BEAT

    Team 3 - Lightning and the Thunder

    Team 4 - The Wolfhounds

    Team 5 - This Putt’s For You

    This is the order the players will be teeing off in:

    Wolf Creek

    1. Fmagnets

    2. Young46

    3. thunderbird

    4. IRISHKING1916

    5. Shaleo83

    Pebble Beach

    1. Masterhacker74

    2. Jsmithers

    3. BlaisAlex

    4. Kelsp

    5. aliesen

    It’s all happening LIVE tomorrow at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET on the WGT Twitch and WGT YouTube channels. 

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