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  • Exciting Announcement: WGT is Now on Discord! 🎉

    11 May 2022

    We’re very excited to announce the release of a brand new Discord server for WGT players.

    For those who don’t know, Discord is the easiest way to engage with the WGT community using voice, video, and text. By talking, chatting, hanging out and staying close with other players and communities, Discord allows users to get in touch in a variety of ways.

    Discord servers work similar to an online chat room, but with both text and voice channel support. It’s the preferred platform for players, providing them with a number of ways to find each other, coordinate games and talk while playing!

    How will Discord be used for WGT?

    • Use this online community-building space to meet other players and talk about all things WGT!

    • Receive updates and information on new game features that isn’t always as available on the forums

    • Have real-time conversations with WGT team members and stay up to date on the latest WGT news and product releases

    Join the WGT Golf Discord Server

    (If you are brand new to Discord you can download it here first.)

    Does this mean the forums are going away? No not at all! Discord is a platform that is much more equipped to facilitate real-time conversations, meaning it will work in conjunction with our current forum setup.

    Hope to see everybody join the community soon!

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