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  • Announcing Winner's Circle: New Special Event

    05 May 2021

    Introducing Winner's Circle, a brand new special event designed to test your accuracy! 

    Win prizes by landing your ball in the hole or in one of the colored rings surrounding the cup, using special Winner's Circle clubs! Prize chests, which include items like apparel packs, sleeves of golf balls and more, are coordinated to match each ring of the same color on the green. 

    A few things to know: 

    • All players will use the same, exclusive Winner’s Circle-branded club set
    • The hole, pin placement, green speed and wind rating will not change from one shot to the next, however you may see slight wind direction and wind speed changes
    • If the timer expires before you take your shot, that shot will be lost
    • Winner's Circle is a limited-time event, so any remaining shots will stay in your inventory and can be used in future events (*excludes free shots that are only available during that event)

    Play Now

    This event is live now through 5/9/21!

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