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  • Golfx3 Wins European eTour Global Finals!

    20 Jan 2021

    Congratulations to golfx3, the European eTour Global Finals champion and the winner of $30,000, the largest prize of any WGT Golf tournament so far. In total, he has taken home $50,000 in European eTour prize money.

    The 22-year-old student from Santa Fe, New Mexico, who was the No. 5 seed going into the championship, went undefeated throughout the live event and ultimately went on to beat No. 6 seed, Shefuf (US), in the final round.

    This additional first-place finish brings golfx3’s championship resume to five tournament wins!

    The full replay is available on the following channel now:

    With the conclusion of the European eTour Global Finals, the 2020 season has officially come to an end! Stay tuned for season two, starting soon!

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