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  • January 2021 Game Updates

    16 Dec 2020

    Check out what’s new to WGT, including two brand new Showdowns, the next Live Series qualifier and a special offer for Flash players.

    Countdown Showdown

    Grab a glass of your favorite champagne and say goodbye to 2020 with a brand new Showdown, starting New Year’s Eve! The qualifying round will last for three days and everyone who makes it to the final round wins prizes.

    Plus, stay tuned for another Showdown starting in January that’s sure to be a bright spot to your week. 

    Save the Date

    WGT Live Series: January Open Qualifier

    The January Open qualifier is going on now! Compete in this Live Series tournament for your chance to be featured in the live broadcast, powered by Super League. The top 70 scores will also split a total purse prize of 20,000 WGT Credits. 

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    Bundle for Flash Players

    As you may already know, WGT will no longer be playable on Flash at the end of this year.

    However, WGT is available to download and play free on your favorite devices including mobile, desktop and Steam. And, if you’re an active Flash user and have played in the last 30 days, you’ll receive a free bundle when you download WGT on one of these other devices.

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    Course Notebooks

    Keep your notes for every hole on every course handy with a WGT Course Notebook.

    Just like when you’re out on the real course, having your notes and tips readily available is a pro move. Originally a feature for WGT on Flash, notebooks are now available wherever you play.

    Note: Flash players that already owned a Course Notebook will automatically have it added to their account, including their existing notes.

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