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  • Special Offer for WGT Flash Players

    12 Nov 2020

    As you know, the Flash version of WGT (played on or on Facebook) won't be available in less than 2 months, but you can keep playing WGT via download on your computer or mobile device.

    Download here

    Plus, if you're an active Flash user who has played in the last 30 days you will receive a special bundle for making the switch. All you have to do is download WGT on your mobile device, PC, or Mac, and log in.

    Once you've completed those steps, we'll send your special offer directly to your inbox, including:


    • 1 month free Premier Membership
    • 100 hits Country Flag Ball Effects
    • 1 Platinum Apparel Pack


    That's right, you'll receive all that just for making the switch to WGT mobile or desktop.

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