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  • WGT Community Hosts 2nd Annual WGT Ryder Cup

    06 Nov 2019

    The second edition of the community-organized "WGT Ryder Cup" competition begins today!

    Thanks to birchi for providing all the info -- be sure to tune in to the live streamed matches to follow all the action...

    Tune in to watch 30 of WGT's top virtual golf players compete against each other in 38 matches over the span of five weeks. Slightly differing from the real world Ryder Cup format, Team Europe will face off against Team Rest of the World. Participants include the two most recent winners of both WGT marquee events - the Virtual U.S. Open and the Virtual U.S. Amateur Championship - alongside a group of WGT's most elite players.

    How to watch: Every Sunday at 2pm EST/8pm CET, starting November 10th, a top matchup will be hosted on the Twitch channel with a rotating cast of commentators discussing the match. Most of the remaining games will be streamed on the same channel as well. You can find links, dates and time in the forum thread under the ‘livestreams’ section of the spreadsheet or on the Twitch channel.

    Win great prizes: Join the live streams for a chance to win great prizes from the organizers. There will be opportunities to bet on the outcome of matches, number of birdies made, total number of putts as well as other bets. Winners will receive a total sum of 40,000 WGT Credits.

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