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  • Get Your Sparkling WGT Free Gift Today

    04 Jul 2019

    It's the 4th of July holiday in the USA, so we're celebrating by giving everyone that logs in free Fireworks Ball Effects today, 7/4!

    This ball effect makes every shot a celebration, adding a sparkling vapor trail to any virtual golf ball you have equipped.

    Get Free Ball Effect

    *Special offer for WGT players who log in and play WGT on 7/4/19, get Fireworks Ball Effect (50 hits) free.

  • WGT Community: Christmas in July Giveaway is Back!

    02 Jul 2019

    The WGT community-run "Christmas in July" event is back on the WGT Forum!

    This event was started years ago by members of this community and it continues today, led by opyeuclid, designed to help each other out.

    This (and the "12 Days of Christmas" event in December) is made possible by the WGT community, FOR the WGT community -- a way to share the love, give away virtual equipment and improve the game for deserving players. Here's a description from a "Santa..."

    "The '12 days of Christmas' and 'Christmas in July' events were started by MrCaddie as a way for some of us (Santas) to give back to the community. For the reason to help some of the new/old players that need a club or putter to make the game better for them. It's about the fun and friendships that this game brings to us."

    It's going on now and you can check out the guidelines/how it works HERE.

    Be sure to check it out on the forum...you could be the lucky recipient of some awesome virtual gear!

    It's Christmas in July!

    Thanks to the organizers and all the Santas for their generosity and efforts to help other players improve their game.

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