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  • It's time... Stock up on Nike Balls

    30 Mar 2018

    Nike balls will be removed from the WGT Pro Shop at the end of April, so now's the time to stock up on your favorites!

    Back in November 2016, we announced that Nike virtual clubs were being removed from the game, timed with Nike's announcement that they were getting out of the golf equipment game.

    Nike virtual golf balls have remained in the game, but we’ll be removing them near the end of April.

    Please hold the shouting for a minute...

    We know there are a lot of players that love their Nikes, so you still have time to stock up on your favorites. The Pro Shop removal will NOT impact anything you already have in your inventory, so you'll still have any that you've purchased until you run out as usual.

    Lastly, we have some really exciting things in the works right now that we hope you're as excited about as we are. Seriously, BIG. THINGS. that we'll announce as soon as we can. Classic WGT cliffhanger! 😉

    Get All the Nike Balls

    (PS: WGTChampion just puked from excitement in the office.)

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