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  • New and improved CC Events

    14 Mar 2018

    We're continuing to add more features and ways to earn more points in CC Events, including these most recent updates...

    NEW Set of the Week CC Events

    In "Set of the Week" tournaments and CC Events, all players are auto-equipped with the same set of equipment to compete with, creating an even playing field to really put your skills to the test.

    Curious to see what one of these is like? We'll be running one this week, so be sure to check it out this Thursday!

    We've also added new ways to earn points for your country club when you compete in CC Events. Clubs will now also earn points based on the following in each Clash:

    • Longest Putt Made in the Clash (by individual player)
    • Longest Holed Shot in the Clash (by individual player)
    • Club with the highest Green In Regulation percentage
    • Club with highest Birdie-or-Better percentage
    • Club with highest Sand Save percentage
    • Club with highest Total Distance of Putts Made

    As an added bonus, each of these awards will earn 300 points towards their Country Club and the top 10 scores in each Clash will receive a multiplier bonus based on their position in the Top 10.

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    See FAQ for more information on CC Events, new updates, etc.

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