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  • November 2016 Game Updates

    27 Oct 2016

    See what's new on WGT today, including a new virtual putting green and improved consecutive day bonuses...


    Practice Putting Green - A virtual putting green has been added which allows players to practice on an easy, medium or hard green, along with other features such as...

    • ability to drop the ball anywhere on the green to practice different kinds of putts.
    • easily change the speed of the green and drop the ball in a new location with just a click of a button.
    • Ball durability will not be depleted for putts hit on putting green.
    • If unlocked, players can change greens easily

    Nike Club Reduction - All Nike clubs (not balls) have been reduced by 5 levels for a limited time.

    Consecutive Day Bonuses - An improved display has been added so players know how much XP they will be getting over the upcoming days if they continue their consecutive day playing streak. Also, larger rewards will be given to players that hit high consecutive days played.



    Putt Preview - An issue with the red guide line disappearing on putt preview after switching putters has been fixed.


    Blitz Challenge - An issue has been fixed where the last player left in a Blitz Challenge game would not be awarded the win or the winning credits if one player times out or disconnects.

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