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  • WGT 19th Hole: frappefort

    09 Dec 2015

    We're bringing back the popular "WGT 19th Hole" series, focused on featuring the players, personalities and country clubs that make up the global WGT community.

    frappefort - The Hard Hitter!

    This WGT 19th Hole selection was a suggestion from well-known WGTer YancyCan, who described frappefort as "one of the most sincere gentlemen there is on WGT." He also tells us that frappefort lives by the motto: "pour le plaisir," which translates to: "fun only!" ...and that's a motto we can get behind!

    frappefort (also known as Francois, outside of WGT) is from Quebec, Canada and says, "I may be 64, but feel like an old hippie, not knowing he is growing old." He discovered WGT in 2010 after a work accident prevented him from playing golf any longer. After an Internet search for an online golf game, he found WGT and has been here ever since!

    Quick fun fact(s): his unique player name "frappefort" translates to "hit hard," though he originally was hoping to make his player name, "Fab."

    As his motto suggests, he loves to have fun and says that he's found that with WGT. His strategy was to set goals for himself, saying that after starting to play WGT he wanted to reach Legend tier. After that, he "wanted more" and after 5+ years he has reached Champion tier, accomplishing many other milestones along the way including contributing almost 340,000 XP to his country club.

    On WGT Country Clubs, frappefort says that after he joined a club, he stayed and added to it the best he could, "Now, among others, it is one of the best Country Clubs on WGT!" (He adds there are club members from all over the world in the Sherbrooke Country Club.)

    When asked what tips or advice he would give to new WGT players, he says to "be patient and do not give up." He also noted that the "WGT community was a surprise for me," and that he has made some "very nice" friends on WGT – "too many to mention... All of those that may see this thread and remember me, I know they will smile."


    WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU! If you want us to feature you or someone you know in a future "WGT 19th Hole" profile, please let us know at: players[at]


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