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  • WGT Community: Bethpage Black Friday, hosted by YancyCan

    27 Nov 2015

    This Black Friday, join the WGT Community in a "Sasquatch Search Shootout" as part of "Bethpage Black Friday," hosted by WGT player (and original Sasquatch finder): YancyCan.

    Here's what you need to know about the event, straight from the organizer himself:


    Hosted by Team Yancy & The Alien Ambassadors Country Club 

    November marks the 1-year anniversary of the WGT Sasquatch being found after five plus years of WGT golfers searching.

    The overall goal is to find the B.B. Squatch in the lowest number of shots taken. Your number of shots taken will appear in your screen capture automatically - just like when playing WGT. This is not the only way to win a prize - see the other categories listed!

    If you find yourself looking at the B.B. Squatch on your screen & you cannot remember how to get the "ScreenCap" - simply save the replay and contact Team Yancy for help. We will be available to help those who contact us promptly. Remember - any WGT player who enters has a chance to win one of the prizes!

    Happy Squatching & Good Luck to All!


    Join the fun in the forums: Play Bethpage Black Hole #9 in single hole practice mode and find the infamous Squatch. Anyone who enters has a chance to win a prize!

    Enter the contest with a "SquatchCap aka ScreenCapture" of both your WGT avatar and the B.B. Sasquatch on your screen and you can win prizes in a number of ways!
    Help is available via how-to videos & and messaging Team Yancy directly when needed to capture your screen and get it into the forums.
    Find & post your own Squatch screen capture: Anyone who posts a screencap of their WGT avatar & Squatch has a chance at winning a prize. There are multiple ways to win so all skill levels can enjoy this event. In the event of a tie in any category, random drawing will decide the winner. 


    GRAND PRIZE: Lowest overall shots taken for screencap

    • The CTTS Contest: WGT Avatar that is closest-to-the-Squatch, one random draw from all entrants less lowest shot winner(s). Consolation prize for most shots taken, tie ends in random drawing.

    What can you win? Sneak peek from Yancy: WATCH

    WGT players must post a screencap in the master thread that has both their WGT avatar & B.B. Squatch in the same screenshot. Posts must be published before 12:01 PM Sunday PST. Multiple entries are welcome and will be encouraged. Any entries showing manipulation of the image (aka any photoshopping) will be discarded.

    Need help?

    Yancy & assorted members of WGTAACC on duty to watch the forum thread for the entire event.

    WGTers OpyEuclid & DocMoose are the lead WGTAACC contacts, and they will help all who need it, answer any questions, and inject some humor if the thread starts to lose any of its momentum.

    Those WGTers needing some "extra help" can save a replay of their SquatchCap - and Team Yancy will create their entry image for them if needed.

    Not sure how to play just a single hole? Yancy's got you covered! WATCH THIS video tutorial to get you going on your Sasquatch hunt.

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