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  • WGT Tips: Make Your Drive Count

    04 Nov 2015

    The ability to control your drives off the tee plays a big part in your success on the golf course – both real and virtual.

    We've put together some game tips for those of you looking to improve your long game on WGT Golf, and be sure to let us know what your best WGT driving tips are on our Facebook page

    GET THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT - Just like playing real golf, having the right driver for you makes a difference in your game. Compare virtual drivers in the WGT Pro Shop, to see how the attributes and benefits stack up, and decide which is best for your style. Remember, you can always rent equipment for 24 hours by choosing RENT or TRY ME (WGT Golf Mobile), before you buy.

    • When playing WGT on desktop you can compare up to three clubs at a time, side-by-side, by selecting the "Compare" check box of each club, then "Compare" at the top of the page.


    ADJUST BALL SPIN - Depending on each tee shot, you may want to change the flight of the ball to be higher or lower. One easy way to do this is to adjust your ball spin. 

    • If you're using a high lofted driver, players feel drives tend to do better with no more than 3/4 backspin, while setting a full backspin will result in shorter drives.


    WATCH THE WIND - Use the wind meter in the top right of your screen to see the speed and direction of the wind on each shot. If you find yourself in strong cross-winds, try missing the "ding" on the side where the wind is coming from.

    • For example, if the wind is blowing right to left, try missing the "ding" slightly to the right of the center line. After some practice, you'll start to get a feel for how much you can/should miss the "ding" and end up with a good shot.


    PRACTICE - Being able to hit consistent drives and knowing how to adjust power, aim and spin for wind/course hazards is a mix of skill and practice. Spend some time getting a feel for these adjustments and understanding your clubs by playing practice rounds and rounds with WGT friends.


    Do you have a driving tip you think would benefit other WGT players? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter using #wgtgolf 


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