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  • New Callaway Balls, Rental Discounts and Improved Putting

    29 Sep 2015

    See whats new on WGT today, including new Callaway virtual golf balls, discounts on rental clubs and improvements to putting.


    Callaway Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology

    The new Chrome Soft from Callaway featuring Truvis Technology gives you more visibility with new red and white pattern, plus more control, distance and a slower WGT swing meter.

    Follow the path of your shot, even on your putts.

    Available now in the WGT Pro Shop,

    unlocking at level 18 and level 67


    Post-Rental Equipment Discounts

    Rent a virtual club that you love? For equipment that you’re currently renting or rented within the last 24 hours, get 10% off if you decide to buy and make it yours.

    Rent Clubs Now


    Improved Putting

    Now you have the ability to lock and unlock the putting grid when you’re on the green or the fringe. 

    • Unlock the grid to move it around the surfaces and better read lies.
    • Lock the grid to keep it in one place, but still have the ability to move the aimer.


    Other Fixes and Improvements

    Voice Commentary Sounds – Control the volume and turn on/off voice commentary in your Settings, plus listen for new phrases!

    Avatar Display – Fixed issue displaying a “frozen” avatar at the top of backswing in some games

    Practice Swing Meter – Fixed issue where the WGT swing meter doesn’t reach the end of the swing meter during practice swings

    Flashing Ball – Fixed a display issue showing a “flashing” golf ball while players tried to reconnect during a multiplayer game

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