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  • New Callaway, Tiers and More Chambers Bay

    31 Jul 2015

    We've made some updates and fixes to the game, including the newest virtual golf balls from Callaway and more ways to experience Chambers Bay...


    Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

    The newest golf balls from Callaway are now on WGT!

    Get the Chrome Soft virtual golf balls to add maximum control to your shots, plus distance, durability and a slower WGT swing meter.

    Unlocking at Level 33 and Level 43 in the WGT Pro Shop, and Level 37 and Level 53 with vapor trail to help trace your shots through the air.


    New Top Tiers

    There are two new WGT tiers: Champion and Tour Champion, for top players based on play and posted scores.

    Players that qualify will automatically be moved up to the Champion tier to compete.


    Play More Chambers Bay

    We’ve added more ways to play the newest WGT course, Chambers Bay.

    Play in new WGT Brackets on Chambers Bay to compete head-to-head against other players to win WGT Credits.

    Or play in paid Ready-Go tournaments where the top 30 of 50 players win credits.


    Other Fixes and Improvements

    Camera Control – We've turned back on camera control during the game whether it’s your turn or not, so you can change your camera view as needed

    Stand Bag Plus Club Selection – Fixed an issue that didn't allow players to change club sets within their Stand Bag Plus

    Stand Bag Plus Save Changes – Fixed an issue preventing some players to save changes to Stand Bag Plus inventory

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