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  • Improvements to Country Club Tournaments

    28 Jan 2015

    We've made some improvements to WGT Country Club tournaments to give you more options to play.

    When your club reaches Club Level 7, it will unlock new green speeds to choose from when creating new country club tournaments, including Extremely Slow, Very Slow, Super Fast and Extremely Fast.

    Also, you will now have the ability to "sweeten the pot" by adding your own Credits to the purse prize to increase the total purse for your club members to win. You will have this option when you create a new tournament.

    Visit Your Club Page

    Not a member of a WGT Country Club yet? Country clubs are the best way to meet new people in the game and always have someone to play with, plus there are great benefits and rewards you can earn by joining one. It's easy to find a club to join, or create one of your own, in the Country Club section.

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