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  • CC Event #4 Winners

    16 Dec 2014

    CC Event #4 is now over, thanks to the thousands of country clubs who participated!

    Members of all the top 1,000 finishing country clubs have each earned rewards, which are awarded automatically. These include bonus CC Passes and Speed Boosts so players can play more games faster to earn more points for their country club.

    Plus, the top 25 finishing clubs have been awarded the new Snowman tee markers and flags, that they can use in their own country club tournaments for a winter-y touch anytime of the year.

    Congrats to No Quitters Here Please, the winning club of the event that gets to award one lucky club member with a gold MAX CC Putter. At Club Level 9, the club has earned more than 6 million Experience Points (XP) thanks to its 95 members. Who will club owner thesnakeyes choose to receive the new putter?

    See Event Leaderboard in the Country Club section in-game.

    Note, our system incorrectly rewarded some players in CC Event #4 more free CC Passes than they should have earned, but player accounts have been updated with the correct number of free CC Passes, and in some cases players may end up with a couple extra free CC Passes to enjoy.

    Top 100 country clubs in CC Event #4

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