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WGT Golf News

  • Virtual Tour Championship on Twitch

    13 Dec 2014

    Watch the WGT Virtual Tour Championship this weekend, as the 4 top Tour Legends play their final round of the WGT Virtual Tour Championship, competing for a 500,000 WGT Credit purse, on Bandon Dunes in challenging high-wind conditions.


    Here are the current standings for the top 4 Tour Legends:

    1. fmagnets - 46 (-8) final round score - watch replay on YouTube here
    2. WaLk0fLiFe - 47 (-7) final round score - watch replay on Twitch here
    3. javiertorg  - 51 (-3) final round score - watch replay on Twitch here
    4. BigNick092785 - waiting to stream...

    Learn how to stream your own WGT games on our FAQ.

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