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  • WGT Virtual Tour Top 4 Tour Legend Winners

    09 Dec 2014

    Congratulations to the top four Tour Legends in the 2014 WGT Virtual Tour Championship... 

    1. fmagnets - shot 53 and 57 for a combined final score of 110
    2. WaLk0fLiFe - shot a 54 and 56 for a final 110
    3. javiertorg - shot a 54 and 57 for a combined 111
    4. BigNick092785 - shot a 55 and 57 for final 112

    It was a close second round, but in the end these four Tour Legends are moving on to Part 2 of the Virtual Tour Championship competing for another 500,000 WGT Credit purse.

    The unique part of this final round tournament is that each player will need to stream their rounds on Twitch for other WGT players to watch live. You'll be able to watch these streams on the WGT Twitch channel ( when the players choose to play, between 12/11-12/14.

    Stay tuned and we'll let you know when you can watch!


    Congratulations to all of the 420 top players that qualified and played in the Virtual Tour Championship, who will split the record 500,000 credit purse based on their final combined scores.

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