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  • CC of the Week - Lobsters Lair

    03 Dec 2014

    This week's Country Club of the Week is... Lobsters Lair, who just celebrated its fourth birthday last week!

    The Lobsters Lair country club has 33 members, including 3 officers, with more than 1,406,600 Experience Points (XP) earned. They are quickly approaching Club Level 7, but currently at Club Level 6, they have unlocked a number of country club benefits, including a free Putter Pal and Shot Pal for all of their members and earning +5% Club XP per round. Keep playing using CC Passes to level up your club to unlock these benefits too.

    Club Director Lobsterboy, a Level 99 Legend, describes the birthday club...

    "What a great honor to be chosen as the CC of the week and the timing couldn't be better as the LLCC just celebrated her 4th birthday on the 24th of November!

    The vision of the Lobsters Lair Country Club is that of an active, tight knit 'family' atmosphere. Above all else, the name of the game is to have fun and enjoy yourself here. We strive to be the most active, most fun, and very best CC in all of WGT! Not recorded in stats or numbers, but rather by each and every member knowing that there is no other place they'd rather be!

    I'd like to thank all members past and present for making the LLCC the club she is today and I look forward to the next 4 years!


    Happy birthday, Lobsters! From everyone at WGT. 

    The current Weekly Leaderboard below shows The Peoples Club at #1, followed by Sherbrooke Country Club, The old duffers retreat, The Madrid Golf Club and The Georgian.

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