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  • FRIENDofyourWIFE wins Golf Advisor Championship

    01 Dec 2014

    Don't be alarmed... WGT player FRIENDofyourWIFE wins the Golf Advisor Championship in the Tour Legend tier of the WGT Virtual Tour.

    Tour Legend FRIENDofyourWIFE captures his first WGT Virtual Tour title in the November Golf Advisor Championship -- a big one, given that this was the final major tournament of the season, shooting a final score of 112 on Pinehurst No. 2 to win the multi-player tie-breaker. 

    The top 70 scores in each tier of the Virtual Tour tournament have all earned a share of the 400,000 WGT Credit purse this month, adding to their overall Season Leaderboard standing to qualify for the Virtual Tour Championship, starting tomorrow, with a record one million credit purse.

    Congratulations to WaLk0fLiFe, Funkyjunkie3000, nikic123 and fmagnets on their second place standing among the top Tour Legends.

    Golf Advisor Championship Winners

    See Golf Advisor Championship Leaderboards

    This month in December, WGT will run the first-ever Virtual Tour Championship, with a record ONE MILLION WGT CREDIT PURSE, a value of $10,000 in WGT Credits.

    The top 70 players who finish in each of the Pro thru Tour Legend tiers on the Virtual Tour season leaderboard thru November will qualify to play in the December Championship, running 12/2 to 12/8 for a prize purse of 500,000 WGT Credits.

    The top 4 Tour Legends from part 1 will then play in a final round (on a brand new WGT stroke play course) and will need to stream that round on Twitch, so other players can watch. This will run 12/11 to 12/14 for another prize purse of 500,000 WGT Credits. 

    Season Qualifiers by Tier

    The final season results came down to the last major in November. Below is a summary of the top players by tier and those who finished above and below the top 70 cut line needed to qualify for the championship...

    Tour Legend Tier

    • dansamcam was the wire-to-wire top qualifier with 59,060 season credits, followed by fmagnets (55,957) and poldimaier (53,650), frenchconnect (41,213) and LyonWoulds (40,952)
    • GLADSTONESCREWER and mgd300 just made the top 70 cut with 3,881 season credits
    • tinhorn and duffputt just missed the cut

    Legend Tier

    • imgambit was the top qualifier with 34,038 season credits, followed by RoarEMackElroy (30,946) and hotho (29,285)
    • belgebenja and garygun just made the top 70 cut with 2,803 credits
    • BuffaloBilly6734 and WeidaDeNei just missed the cut

    Tour Master Tier

    • shagdelic was the top qualifier with 17,280 season credits, followed by sgarbiv (17,160) and TR1ANNA (11,178)
    • allevalli and localbistro just made the top 70 cut with 1,980 credits
    • THESERPA and Kalel2 just missed the cut

    Master Tier

    • borondon was the top qualifier with 7,200 season credits, followed by SwenCaserio (6,660) and chuckwaggon (5,724)
    • geeberwocky and BigMacAu just made the top 70 cut with 807 season credits
    • CotoDad and MyHandicapIsGolf just missed the cut

    Tour Pro Tier

    • barakfriedman was the top qualifier with 6,539 season credits, followed by happypappy405 and mulligan46 tied at 6,120
    • guome12 and antoonnn just made the top 70 cut, tied at 623 season credits
    • Kyperg and Iharsh481 just missed the cut

    Pro Tier

    • CuseFan01 was the top qualifier with 4,680 season credits, followed by cun01 (2,813) and Addohm (2,808)
    • RIC820, juboarder09 and foreyourway all made the top 70 cut, tied at 393 credits
    • mycourse51 and golfana99 just missed the cut

    Note that some of the top Pro, Tour Pro and Master tier players have tiered-up in November, but they qualified to play the championship in the tier they started in for the last season tournament in November.

    See Virtual Tour Season Leaderboards

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