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  • CC of the Week - WGT Pinhunters

    19 Nov 2014

    This week's Country Club of the Week is... WGT Pinhunters, a club focused on helping and improving the virtual golf games of their members and the WGT community.

    The WGT Pinhunters country club has 98 members, including 2 officers, with more than 820,000 Experience Points (XP) earned. At Club Level 5, they have unlocked a number of country club benefits, including a free Putter Pal and Shot Pal for all of their members and earning +2% XP per round. Keep playing using CC Passes to level up your club to unlock these benefits too.

    Club owner garypinhunter, a Level 88 Legend, explains the inspiration for creating the club:

    "The WGT Pinhunters club idea came from many months working on the Golf Tip Website as a tip site for any WGT player. I wanted to offer a club where anyone can come and work on their game in a fun, easy going club. Once they become confident they can move on to another more competitive club, and I will recommend a few clubs to look at. I have made many friends with other CC owners. One director from a great club even sponsored a 2,500 credit tournament for our club a while back.

    I have been surprised at the growth of the club, being that we only started September 27th of this year, but it shows the desire of those that seek to better their game. Having a good club director has helped me so much."

    Club director David2Flop adds:

    "WGT Pinhunters is a unique club. Our main goal is to accept every tier, especially the lower tiers that are searching for help. Gary has developed a number of lessons, tools and club tournaments to provide these new members with the guidance to success.

    We want to teach [new and lower tier players] that this game is just for fun. We strive to give them the confidence to succeed and rise in experience and in skills. If they choose to leave the club once they reach that confidence goal, then Gary will direct them to clubs that he feels best fit their skills. If they choose to stay with the club, they become a teacher and 'pass it on.'"

    The current Weekly Leaderboard below shows The Peoples Club at the top, followed by Sherbrooke Country Club, The old duffers retreat, The Madrid Golf Club and the Senior Citizens.

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