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  • Play Mobile Multiplayer Games This Weekend

    14 Nov 2014

    WGT players are LOVING being able to challenge other people in head-to-head games on WGT Golf Mobile on iPhone or iPad.

    These fast stroke play matches are played on 3 random holes at championship courses like Kiawah, Pinehurst, St Andrews and more.

    Just like WGT players sammythebull2 and sandersj, as their recent match on Kiawah came down to the last hole, won by the Bull.

    Play WGT Golf Mobile

    When you select "Head-to-Head" you'll be automatically matched up with another WGT player to compete on 3 holes on a stroke play course.

    Check out these scorecards that WGT players are sharing on Twitter and Facebook... Be sure to share yours and we could feature it!

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