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  • Play Multiplayer Games on WGT Golf Mobile

    24 Oct 2014

    Come join thousands of other players competing in new multiplayer games right now on WGT Golf Mobile.

    You'll get automatically matched up with another WGT player from around the world, and compete live on 3 holes, which takes about 10 minutes.

    If you haven't downloaded it yet, WGT Golf Mobile is free for your iPhone or iPad (we're working on Android).

    Play WGT Golf Mobile

    More about Mobile Head-to-Head Games...

    • Once you're matched up with another player, you'll play 3 random holes on one of the stroke play courses available
    • These games are practice rounds and don't count toward your average score
    • Each player has a 60-second clock for each shot
    • If your opponent disconnects and doesn't return in time, you'll be able to play through the rest of the round on your own
    • Share your score cards on Facebook, Twitter, email or via text message

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