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  • Watch WGTicon play fmagnets LIVE on Twitch

    20 Oct 2014

    Watch top WGT players fmagnets and iconian (you may know him as WGTicon) battle it out on the challenging Best of Par 5 course, get ready for some eagles! See them play live Tuesday 3PM PDT, on the official WGT Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/wgtgolf

    Tune in to watch and listen to all the action, get insights and tips from top players on how they play, and chat to ask questions of your own. Plus, follow along with the Twitch Chat and get a free WGT gift...

    This week's match-up: fmagnets vs. WGTicon


    Level: 112

    Tier: Tour Legend

    Country Club: Wooden Tee Country Club


    • Currently #6 on the WGT Virtual Tour Overall Season Leaderboard with 34,117 credits earned
    • Likes: playing WGT with Uneven Lies


    WGTicon (aka iconian)

    Level: 100

    Tier: Tour Legend


    • WGT Forum Moderator
    • Likes: Long walks on the beach, virtual golfing in fancy skirts, the WGT heartbeat

    Watch Tue 3PM PDT

    WGT will be streaming WGT player matches every week on Tuesdays at 3PM PDT. Note that 3PM PDT is 6PM EDT / 10PM GMT on Tue, and 9AM AEDT on Wed.

    Learn more about WGT on Twitch, and how to stream your own WGT games on our FAQ.

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