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  • CC of the Week - The WGT Alien Ambassadors

    18 Sep 2014

    This week's Country Club of the Week is... The WGT Alien Ambassadors, led by well-known WGT player, YancyCan.

    Currently at Club Level 3 with more than 82,000 XP earned, all 22 members of The WGT Alien Ambassadors have the "wgt.com golf is FUN" attitude. Many of you may know club owner YancyCan from his YouTube channel, or his various in-game investigations on the WGT Forum (like the "Bethpage Black Squatch Hunt" and the more recent "Pinehurst Easter Egg Hunt").

    Who better to explain the goals, focus and essence of The WGT Alien Ambassadors than the owner himself, YancyCan (PS: they're accepting new members!)...

    "The WGTAA Country Club was founded for those individuals who believe in the "Yancy Hypothesis" which declares that Aliens from other galaxies are colonizing the Earth via golf courses. Our members will serve as ambassadors from WGT.com & Earth when 'first contact' with the Aliens occurs. 

    Our members all have the "WGT.com Golf" is FUN attitude. Our member roster ranges in WGT skill levels from Hack to Legend and includes some well known WGT personalities. Our favorite pastime is to run club tournaments with some of the most unusual names ever used. Some examples are: 'A Fool, A Fool, I Met a Fool i' th' Forest,' 'The Opy & Yancy Mothership Open,' 'Talk The Talk - Walk The Walk Open,' & 'The Not So Merion Kind.' Other social events our members have strongly participated in are 'Bethpage Black Squatch Hunts' & more recently the 'Pinehurst Easter Egg Hunt.'

    The WGTAA CC is not the most socially active club all up on the WGT and our member count is small compared to others. We think this shows that WGT Country Clubs do not all have to have 300+ members to be a great club. The running joke is that we tell new recruits that when they are on the WGTAA CC page: 'Shhhhhh be very quiet as likely we are napping.' If you are intrigued, we are currently accepting new members."

    The current Weekly Leaderboard below shows The Peoples Club at #1, followed by the Sherbrooke Country ClubThe old duffers retreat, the Senior Citizens and IBIS GC.

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