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  • CC of the Week - The Old Duffers Retreat

    03 Sep 2014

    This week's Country Club of the Week is... The Old Duffers Retreat, an active and dedicated group of WGT players who take pride playing often and having fun doing it.

    The "old duffers" have consistently been a top-ranking club on the Weekly Leaderboards, and are currently #3 with more than 283,000 Weekly XP earned. At Club Level 7, they have unlocked a number of country club benefits, including a free Putter Pal and Shot Pal for all of their members, and earning +5% Club XP when members play using a Pass. At Level 8, the club will unlock an XP Bonus of +3% per round, when using a Pass. Keep leveling up your club to unlock these benefits too!

    The Old Duffers Retreat club owner, saltyoldtar is a Level 100 Legend and has been a WGT member since 2011, and had this praise to share about the club...

    "The Old Duffers Retreat has been built on all the members that are active and concerned with how the club does. The main thing we are so proud of is that all of our members have been active within the past two weeks. The Old Duffers Retreat has three great officers (Skip6029, DuFussMcGoo and ABQJeff) that keep everything going smoothly. I keep getting praise on the great job I do but it's not me, it's our members that have stepped up and made this club what it is today. Thanks goes to all the club members."

    The current Weekly Leaderboard below shows The Old Duffers Retreat in third place -- just behind two other familiar clubs, The Peoples Club (who have reached Level 8) and the Senior Citizens, last week's CC of the Week. 

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