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WGT Golf News

  • New Course on WGT

    08 Apr 2014

    There's a new course to play on WGT, featuring 18 of the best par-4 holes from the game.

    Challenge yourself on the new Best Of Par 4 stroke play course with holes from different championship golf courses, including some of the most beautiful and demanding holes in all of golf...

    • Keep your Merion 6 score low by navigating the tricky false-front green with good club selection on your approach.
    • Play the St Andrews 17 "Road Hole" with a blind tee shot, famous greenside bunker and out of bounds right behind the green.
    • Test the Kiawah 18 finishing hole with a tricky fairway to navigate, and a green that slopes toward the ocean.

    Play Free Tournament

    Play the free, special monthly tournament above for a chance to earn WGT Credits, or select this new course from the Game Menu to create your own game.

    Note, new Best Of Par 4 course is playable on web only right now.

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