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  • New WGT Swing Meter Options

    06 Aug 2013

    Based on player feedback, we've introduced new WGT Swing Meter options to give you new ways to enjoy the game.

    From the "Equip Clubs" screen, you can choose from the 3 swing meter choices:

    • Original - the horizontal swing meter that you're used to using
    • Vertical - a vertical design in the center of the screen that players may prefer
    • 3-Click - a little nostalgia for long-time golf gamers, less power control but better swing tempo

    Like your clubs, your swing meter must be selected before a round and can't be changed during that round.

    Play WGT

    Switching your Swing Meter is free and optional, and we encourage feedback from top WGT Nation players, so we can improve them more in the future.

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