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  • New Par 5 Course, Callaway Balls, MAX Clubs and more

    31 Jul 2013

    Here's the latest from WGT, including a new "Best Of" WGT virtual golf course, HEX Chrome virtual golf balls from Callaway, new MAX virtual golf clubs at a great value...

    Best Of Par 5 Course

    The newest "Best Of" stroke play course on WGT features 18 of the best par-5 holes from your favorite WGT golf courses. Play more than 10,000 yards of championship golf for a serious challenge!

    The Best Of Par 5 course is now available in all game selection menus, and these scores won't count towards your official average, due to the higher par on this course.


    Callaway HEX Chrome Balls

    WGT has upgraded all the Callaway Tour balls to the latest Callaway HEX Chrome balls. These new balls have similar top-performance, with more distance, control, or a slower WGT swing meter, in Standard and Vapor Trail options, and are available at the same price as the original balls.

    Visit the WGT Pro Shop to see the entire HEX Chrome line, including the following:

    • Callaway HEX Chrome Balls with more control - start unlocking at Level 33 and Legend 
    • Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls with more distance - start unlocking at Level 35 and Legend 
    • Callaway HEX Chrome+ Balls with a slower swing meter - unlock at Level 1 and Level 34


    New MAX Golf Clubs

    The MAX line of golf equipment provides maximum performance in one area of the game. For these latest MAX clubs, maximum performance has been combined with great value...

    The new MAX Meter clubs help slow down the WGT swing meter, with additional distance and forgiveness. Includes MAX Meter Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid and Irons, plus a discounted Full Set option. Start unlocking at Level 22 and Level 46 for top players.

    The new MAX Distance Woods offer additional distance at a great value, including MAX Distance Driver, 3 Wood and Rescue. Start unlocking for new players at Level 10.


    New WGT Swing Meters

    Based on player requests, we've introduced two new WGT Swing Meter options. Changing your swing meter is free and optional, and we're looking forward to getting your feedback. To change your swing meter at the beginning of a round, just go to "Equip Clubs" and choose from the 3 swing meter choices:

    • Original - the horizontal swing meter you’re used to using
    • Vertical - a vertical design in the center of the screen that may be easier for newer players
    • 3-Click - a little nostalgia for long-time golf gamers, less power control but better swing tempo

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