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  • 2013 Virtual U.S. Open Champions

    23 Jul 2013

    Congratulations to everyone who played in the 5th annual Virtual U.S. Open on WGT. There were over 3 million virtual rounds, with the following top performances...

    Championship – Kriztjan was the ultimate champion, shooting 55 and 57 for a 112 final score, followed closely by AgentBrown123 (114), stevenharkin (115) and ragefire (115).
    Championship leaderboard
    Championship video highlights

    Qualifier – 213 top players made the cut at 57 to qualify for the Championship rounds, led by JJ656 and TREMUX.
    Qualifier leaderboard
    Qualifier video highlights

    Front 9 and Back 9 Challenges – The Front 9 and Back 9 closest-to-the-hole tournaments were both won by dansamcam with scores of 18.22 and 24.11.
    Front 9 leaderboard
    Back 9 leaderboard

    WGT and the USGA are notifying the hundreds of leaderboard and sweepstakes prize winners by the end of August.

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