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WGT Golf News

  • WGT Country Club Improvements

    09 Jul 2013

    There are tens of thousands of virtual Country Clubs on WGT, with millions of WGT players competing in private Country Club tournaments with their friends online, and WGT Country Clubs just got better!

    Country Club Improvements

    • Merion - compete on Merion, host of the 2013 U.S. Open championship
    • Tiered - separate tournaments into tiers like Pros, Masters and Legends
    • Uneven Lies - challenge top players with the hardest possible conditions
    • Single-Play CTTH - fast closest-to-the-hole tournaments with more challenging single-play format

    Visit Country Clubs

    If you haven't joined one yet, Country Clubs are a great way to always have a group of WGT friends to play with and compete in private Country Club tournaments. It's easy to find clubs looking for new members!

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