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  • UPDATE: Virtual U.S. Open

    07 Jun 2013

    This week, the top players on WGT have been competing against each other in a special tournament under the hardest conditions on Merion.

    The Legends Merion Challenge is a week-long tournament open to WGT Legend and Tour Legend players only and features Uneven Lies for an added skill challenge on sidehill, uphill and downhill shots.

    Top players can play as many times as they want through Fri, 6/7 to post their best score and the top 50% make the cut and advance to this weekend's single-play championship round.

    Currently, Hanswurst72, a Level 93 Legend from Germany is at the top of the leaderboard with a low score of 59. Hanswurst72 is also the only player so far to post a score below 60, unlike what the field looks like in the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier tournament, where top scores are 6-9 strokes lower without Uneven Lies.

    See full Legends Merion Challenge Leaderboard

    VUSO Highlight of the Week

    Watch Level 95 Tour Legend, nashkurt, sink this 19 yd putt on Merion Hole 12 in this video replay.

    Remember, anyone can still play the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier on Merion (as many times as you want) to try and post your best score!

    Play Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier

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