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  • UPDATE: Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier

    31 May 2013

    We're two weeks away from the U.S. Open at Merion (can you believe it?), and WGT players from all over the world continue to challenge the virtual Merion Golf Club championship course on World Golf Tour.

    If you haven't played the free Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier yet, or are continuing to play to post a better score, be sure to check out our Merion hole previews on the blog for some pro tips by hole.

    And keep checking back for more tips and advice as we continue on the #RoadToMerion (use this hashtag to join the conversation on Twitter!) when the top golfers come together at Merion to compete for the title.

    VUSO Highlight of the Week

    Watch TREMUX, a Level 98 Tour Legend (who has taken over second place in the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier) sink a chip shot on Merion Hole 1 in this video replay. He's looking sharp with that Damon Hack Golf Channel avatar!

    Remember, you can play the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier as many times as you want to try and post your best score, so keep shooting!

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