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  • Merion Hole 7 Preview on WGT

    21 May 2013

    Merion Golf Club is hosting the U.S. Open Championship for the fifth time this year, and is now available to play free online on World Golf Tour (WGT).

    Hole 7 at Merion offers a birdie opportunity as it's a 360-yard par-4. Most players will use long irons from the tee to reach the semi-blind, angled drive zone, setting themselves up for a short approach shot. Control your tee shot or you'll face overhanging trees and out-of-bounds on the right side. The large green gives you plenty of space to land, but the three distinct levels and sharp drop-off on the left force you to keep your approach accurate.

    Try it yourself! You can play Merion Hole 7 free on WGT here.

    And if you haven't played WGT yet, join the millions of golfers playing virtual golf free online at wgt.com.

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