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  • Merion Hole 2 Preview on WGT

    09 May 2013

    Merion Golf Club is one of America's top ranked and historical golf courses, and now available to play free online on World Golf Tour (WGT).

    Hole 2 at Merion offers a clear choice to play either more conservatively or more aggressively off the tee on this challenging par 5. Precise shots are key, as bunkers, deep rough and out-of-bounds can turn a potential eagle or birdie into a bogey or worse. However, if you can reach the green, you're looking at a relatively flat putting surface to finish.

    Try playing Merion Hole 2 yourself, free on WGT. And be sure to stay tuned to play all 18 holes on Merion Golf Club.

    And if you haven't played WGT yet, join the millions of golfers playing virtual golf free online at wgt.com.

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