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  • Your New Pal on WGT

    23 Apr 2013

    Fine tune your swing power with the new WGT Shot Pal, available now on World Golf Tour.

    Similar to what the WGT Putter Pal does for putts, the WGT Shot Pal displays a ruler below your swing meter so you can better measure the power on your shots. It's especially helpful on approach shots!

    Shot Pal is available for 20, 200, 1,000 or 2,000 shots, starting at only 10 WGT Credits, and does not work with Putters or WGT EZ Swing clubs.

    See Shot Pal

    *Note: unlike Putter Pal, Shot Pal doesn't show the exact percent markings on the swing meter ruler, because shot distance isn't as directly related to shot power, like putting distance is related to putting power. This is due to shots involving club type, swing type, lie, wind and other factors.

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